Ecofantasy Press

What’s an Ecofantasy?

It’s a state of mind…for the moment.

Edward_Hicks_-_Peaceable_KingdomAll of Earth’s inhabitants have the right to be alive, each to its own individual perception of the world, and each with a unique voice that sings its own song of creation. All the animals, plants, rocks, air, and water–everyone.

I didn’t invent the word Ecofantasy; it exists out there in the world, but only as a whisper in the current genres of science fiction/fantasy literature.

And in the concept and manifestation of Wild Law:

“A wild law is a law made by people to regulate human behaviour that privileges maintaining the integrity and functioning of the whole Earth community in the long-term, over the interests of any species (including humans) at a particular time.”
—Cormac Cullinan, author, Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice

Wild Law

Though in its infancy and still very much an Ecofantasy, Wild Law has gained a foothold in the world. In 2008, Ecuador added a Rights of Nature clause to its Constitution, acknowledging that “nature in all its life forms has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles.” (

And in 2012, New Zealand gave the Whanganui River ‘personhood rights’ (


The idea of rights of nature is still an ecological fantasy in the overall human consciousness. I offer my vision of a not-too distant Earth, a planet, alive with organisms, including the entities of rock, air, water that we deem ‘non-living’ but are alive in ways we cannot fathom.

Imagine us humbly and enthusiastically embracing Wild Law, giving up our ideas of dominion and the delusion that we are the only sentient, intelligent species on the planet.


8 thoughts on “Ecofantasy Press

    1. Thank you, Garry! I see we are kindred spirits…There are lots of us, I think. My book, Corvus Rising, has a definite ecological theme-of the battle between keeping wilderness wild or developing it–and that the other animals, crows and ravens in particular, are not only intelligent, they are sentient and have been here about 25 million years longer than we have!

      Thanks for the comment….


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